MPs threaten to buy guns as al Shabaab wreak havoc in Notheastern

Thursday June 08, 2017 - 01:03:39 in News In English by Dahir Alasow
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    MPs threaten to buy guns as al Shabaab wreak havoc in Notheastern


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WAAGACUSUB:- Seven Northeastern MPs have threatened to mobilise their people to buy arms from Somalia for protection against resurgent al Shabaab militants.

The lawmakers accused the security forces of "pursuing the insurgents from their comfort zones" while the al Qaeda-linked group continues to kill innocent Kenyans.

"You can't sit in your comfort zones and claim to be fighting terrorists," Fafi MP Bare Shill said during a press conference at Parliament buildings on Wednesday.

Shill, who spoke on behalf of the leaders, warned the Jubilee administration that Wajir, Garissa, and Mandera residents are ready to buy guns to protect themselves.

He wondered why the government is not recruiting police reservists in the vulnerable counties as it is doing in the fight against bandits in Pokot and Turkana.

"Why are you not giving us guns? If you don't want to protect us, we will cross over to Somalia and buy guns," the lawmaker said.
Shukran Gure (Garissa woman representative), Mohamed Dahir (Dadaab), Mohamed Shidiye (Lagdera), Ahmed Abbas(Ijara), and Mandera Senator Yusuf Haji were at the media briefing.

The legislators spoke amid increasing attacks by al Shabaab militants in most parts of Northeastern.

On Tuesday, four people died after a vehicle belonging to an NGO hit an improvised explosive device on Daadab-Kulan road.


Two AP officers were killed on May 24 after their vehicle ran over an IED.

The MPs said schools, hospitals, and roads have been closed as the militants freely roam in the two counties.

Gure accused Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery of "chasing after politicians for hate speech yet security officers and innocent people are being killed."

"Even the highly rated Armoured Personnel Carriers are bogus," she said.

Dahir said the fight against al Shabaab has been lost because of laxity.

"We are worried every day because the terrorists are back. We know how to pursue these people. Let the government give us guns."


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